Enter the metaverse
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Welcome to The Block City metaverse.

With our NFT's we welcome you to the community

Connect your Solana wallet and select the MINT

to secure your Block City NFT from the Candy Machine

NFT's will be drawn randomly

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Why You Need To Join Our Block City Metaverse, NFT Community

We are super excited to share the open to all, Block City Metaverse, supported by an amazing utility NFT collection with a massive development potential.

Our journey as a Metaverse Developer and NFT creator for The Block City as only just begun. The potential to expand on the current release with further developments, features and and exclusive NFT ownership access, makes The Block City one of the most exciting Metaverse's out there. When we designed The Block City, we wanted to build a great community, make a Metaverse that anyone could access and make the Block City NFT's the best NFT to buy on the market.

As we build our NFT community, we will be sharing our NFT drops and schedule as we count down our exclusive but limited range of NFT's.

Our NFT collection will give each NFT owner unique access to update content for their Block City building. Whether it's for advertisement, social profiles or just for fun, our Metaverse will bring a unique take on NFT utility.

To purchase Block City NFT's, you must first keep a watch for our NFT drop schedule. We will keep our NFT community up-to-date on our Twitter and Instagram pages.

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